The Mezzmerize sweatshirt came in, now what’s next?

Updated: Nov 24, 2020

The Mezzmerize sweatshirt came in, and oh my word it is so comfy, there’s a thin fleece lining in the inside, and the design doesn’t even feel like it is there. I didn’t want to take it off! I could hang out in it all day! The shirt is complete in design and is eye catching with the right amount of comfort! This is a cotton polyester blend and doesn’t feel like any sweatshirt I have ever had.

So the next question is, what’s next? Well I’m currently building a portfolio of products. And there’s many more to come. I am currently (as of this writing) waiting on the rights to use another design by Mezz Visuals. Once I get that, I will be making the next set of products. However between now and then I will be releasing a new set of products with the Mezzmerize alien and Abandoned Planet on them! Such as stickers, Phone cases, blankets and many more! These products are right around the corner and will be going on sale around Black Friday! (If not on Black Friday, then a day is or 2 before hand). The future is looking promising and is insanely exciting! Now hop over to to keep updated and to be the first to grab our products before they go mainstream!

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