Our First Product!

Updated: Oct 29, 2020

Our first product is presented to you by Abandoned Planet. It's our most complicated design to date and we plan on pushing the boundaries further. We have been through company after company, issue after issue, even monetary! One company had us pay 30 dollars for a tee shirt to be printed, that's before gov't fees and before profit. By the way there was no profit there. Not only that but we wouldn't charge 30 plus dollars for a tee shirt without good darn reason. Not only that but ALOT of consideration would have to be put forth before even attempting it. We would be taking votes by customers, asking them personally about the design. Trying to grasp some concept if it's even feasible. So much would have to go into it.

Abandoned Planet was created by Mezz Visuals (check him out on Instagram). He is insanely talented and wonderful to work with. We know him personally and have him working with us from time to time.

With all that being said ICA has come a very long way from where it once was. Starting off as an idea in Florida and making its way to now 3 years later with more gravity, hype, drive and motivation than ever. We found a company to print them for a decent price that isn't going to nickel and dime us for ordering 100 shirts instead of 1000 (ordering either amount is a large number regardless). When we got the sample in, let me tell ya what, we were flabbergasted, but in a very positive way. The anticipation for the future and what it holds is keeping us in it for the long run and you are coming with us for the journey.

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