New Year. Let Get It. HAPPY NEW YEAR!

The last post was December 2nd, 2020. Christmas was around the corner and the biggest sales of the year had just finished. For IronClad Apparel it was an amazing time, we were recognized by some amazing people, the recognition had multiplied by 200% over night on Instagram. Here's our Instagram link: Ironclad Apparel (@icaofficial1) • Instagram photos and videos . Facebook had received similar recognition in views and gained many new followers! Its all thanks to all of you!

But now its time to be thinking of the future, and beyond. Here's a design being released January 15th ;) This piece for now will be called "Crystal Skull" By a friend of ICA named Ebony.

This teaser is just the beginning! We have some massive plans in the future that will all send us swimming for a new point of view and giving us a way to bring us all together! We will be launching a massive project that a name is still TBA. There is collaborations on the way and is being worked on daily!

We are steadily gaining images from our customers to have a page filled with you guys repping our merch! In the future, there are plans to have a give away for all of those who have submitted!


*With all the holidays out of the way, we will be continuing the sweatshirt sale all the way through the winter!

*If you havent seen our Facebook page, where we keep everything current, like uploading videos and updates, check it out here: Ironclad Apparel | Facebook

*Our Affiliate programs are constantly being worked on, yet there is still no release date other than 2021.

We apologize that this isn't a very long post, however there is a lot being worked on but legally cant give out the details just yet! There is a lot of collaboration and collaboration efforts being put into several different projects and in different places, avenues and ventures. When we are able to release the information, you, the customer will be the first to know. You guys are the ones that make it all happen!

With the new year upon us, we must make this year 100x better than the last! A lot of people struggled last year, and its IronClad's mission to make it a better year! We wish to inspire you guys to keep pushing forward towards your goals and dreams, just like we have!


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