New Designs, Price Updates And A New Artist.

Its been a few weeks since the last post. Since then a lot has happened. New clients have come forward, with new partnerships. Cant release that information right now as to who or what or when Quite yet. Stay tuned! But what I can release is that there is a new design that has been a hit! The Name? Crystal Skull, for now.

I am fairly certain that I had mentioned it in the previous post. However beyond that is they are now available. And what is exciting is that they are available for $22 on our website

We offer more colors than we had in the past. Along with new styles such as the Eco tee that is made from organic and recycled cotton! Its super soft and we love it! There are also our premium cotton sweatshirts that you will never want to take off, plus the tri-blend tee and a long sleeve shirt as well! I have been working on broadening our availability of colors on our shirts and ALL products. Some I just cant get through my current distributor, such as for the eco tees, I only have Pacific blue, grey and white. Its not much but im always looking for a new place for new colors.

The Artists name is Ebony. She's full of talent and fits right in with IronClad Apparel. She has been working on more art as well and there will be another release down the road from her as well! We are still working on the concept shirts and designs but it is going to be HUGE!

As I had mentioned back in December, there are some big goals that ICA has including wanting to unite the world through peace and understanding at the personal level under the govts of the world. That is a huge goal. Another mission of ours we want to clean up the oceans, preserve our nature, wildlife and historical monuments and ancient cities.

Here is where YOU come in. If any of you have any ways to help, make any of this happen, through contacts with others or even ideas. Please reach out and help make an impact! It would be greatly appreciated as I am constantly working on many things and time, is something I don't have enough of!

Thank you for reading! If you have any questions regarding this post, or anything to do with ICA, please don't be afraid to reach out on Facebook! I would love to help in any capacity I can!

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