Finishing the last touches!

Updated: Oct 28, 2020

Currently as of the typing of this post. I am sitting behind my desk. I had just got done adding the extra images I missed, adding or fixing any grammatical errors within the product pages. Going through hell with google SEO to add code for 15 different places I had no idea existed. To be honest I asked for help because I had no idea what I was doing when it came to adding code places so google could recognize that ICA is owned by us/me the owner. Even though I had to verify that when I purchased the domain. So that makes sense right?

Where do I go next?

Well I went to the payment side of things, making sure that went smoothly, and well, you guess it, it didn't. I had to confirm more things, send them paperwork and all the back end things that is never fun for anyone. At this point its all the nitty gritty stuff that hides in the corner or the attic of your grandmas house that you would easily miss. I thank my friend Taylor for helping me because all this is so tedious as he is currently helping edit the previous post.

So how are things looking now?

Well, as things stand we are almost done. Launch is in less than 48 hours and I am still as thrilled, and filled with excitement as I was 2 weeks ago when I first started this website. On the side I am working on more designs, concepts, sales, and all the fun stuff plus the incorporating, money tracking, nail biting (Yes nail biting) and falling asleep at the desk kinda stuff. Yet as I fall asleep here at the desk, things will be done for launch. And I cant wait to see you there when we do!

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