Changes Are Coming.

Black Friday and Cyber Monday were a huge success, making it easier to move forward towards all of our goals. More potential customers have seen our advertisements and more purchases have been made than the first 2 weeks of business, and its all thanks to all of you. But with all that being in the recent past, we now have a new holiday on our horizons, Christmas. And heres what is changing.

We no longer are carrying (for now) the non-apparel items. So if you bought one, amazing! You got your hands on the first batch of them. Will they be back? We sure hope so! That's what we are working on. All those mugs, tapestries, stickers, and pillows. They aren't going to be gone forever, so you will be able to get more. We are aiming for Christmas Week to have them back. However while that is being worked on, we have new sales being developed, packages for discounted prices such as a sweatshirt and neck gaiter for a heavily reduced price.

However there are even more changes coming, such as a new product page. Along with big projects on the way for all those in need and a portal for everyone to connect and meet with those across the globe in a way that Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter and many others cant even begin to compete with. Because it begins with understanding and solace.

With all this change, we will also be releasing a new design in January. From a new artist. Paperwork is being filed, and designs are being compiled. We are excited to reveal everything but can not do that just yet per agreements.

There have been minor adjustments to the site since black Friday, so please, check them out, can you guess all of them? DM us on Facebook and lets see if you can guess them all! (2) Ironclad Apparel | Facebook and of course, go back and check out our stuff and make a wish list for this Christmas! As usual, thanks for reading! Thanks for joining us on this adventure, see you guys on the other side. And remember, its about everyone, its about everything. Stay safe.

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