Black Friday Shananigans

Here it comes. Black Friday, the biggest shopping holiday of the year. Its that time of year where every business is preparing for sales, deals, exclusive items and a big week. Its a very important time. Even for us. So here's what we got! We are releasing several items that are exclusive to us and are only limited time. Like our pillows, stickers, phone cases, wall tapestries and more. Everything else like our new Legacy Logo collection and our friend the Green Eyed Mezz is staying found here--->

All of our pillows come with either the Logo, Abandoned Planet, Mezz or Green Mezz. For now, till we have another design (we have a couple in waiting). But all these come in sizes of 16", 18" and 20" pillows. All designs set in one of the following colors of YOUR choice: White, light gray, medium gray, dark gray and black.

There is no catch, no gimmicks. Just sales beginning November 23rd through December 1st. With 10% off the ENTIRE store. No limits, no minimums. Just all discounts! Meaning a MINIMUM of 2 dollars off each shirt you purchase!

Now what's making all this happen? Well Co-ordination between 2 companies and all its resources. On our end its making sure the supply is there, then making sure its on our site. All the descriptions, pictures, details and the not so fun things. The hard stuff. Then the number crunching. How much do we need to sell it for so we can keep running but make sure every visitor is getting a good deal? Well a lot of businesses in their first official year aren't able to have sales because they are just trying to get off the ground. But thankfully we have been given the opportunity to do so, and its all because of you guys. Those that support us and keep us around.

But getting back to the point. What's sticking around? Good thing you asked because there are several things. Tee's and sweatshirts of the Logo Collection, Green Mezz and also a new addition to Abandoned Planet and Mezz. For women, Slouchy Tees! Check them out below!

We are still keeping some of your favorites such as Abandoned Planet and the OG Mezzmerize Alien. We don't think he will ever go away, nor his home.

Well ok, so, what's next you may ask?

Well, plenty! We have SO MUCH we are working on, such as all over print HOODIES (we only have all over print sweatshirts at the moment), Mugs, Posters, backpacks, fleece blankets AND Comforters, hats, drawstring bags, joggers, pins, keychains, plushies, patches, canvas prints, Metal prints, beach towels and socks. However, some of those arent even the most exciting items. Because we are also working on Glow in the dark shirts, along with foil print shirts. All with different designs, patterns and sizes. Those all take time, money and patience to design, develop and perfect and we cant wait to show you guys the progress!

Thanks for reading! Cant wait for you to join us and be right there with us as we grow!

-Evan, CEO and Owner

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