Black Friday, New Products and a surprise.

Black Friday Deals have started all over the country. And that means it has here too. From November 23rd, till December 1st. There is a sale of 10% on EVERYTHING. No gimmics, no buy one get one for 10% off, all sales. Then comes cyber monday right after, during the same sale. Prices will be the same. Check them out here --->

Regardless, a regular customer and long time supporter of ICA since its infancy as a meaningless idea, bought a Abandoned Planet Hoodie. Check those out here Abandoned Planet Pullover Hoodie | IronClad Apparel (

The colors came out great! Its insanely comfortable and it will keep you warm with its 100% cotton make up. "it feels great!... Size is accurate and its so soft!".

He also bought a Mezzmerize all over print Sweatshirt! And I tell you what, from personal experience, they are a positive head turner. Check those out here--> Mezzmerize Alien All Over Print Sweatshirt | IronClad Apparel ( These have a thin fleece lining on the inside to ensure maximum comfort, alongside its 100% polyester make up. It can be used as a shirt, or a sweatshirt!

(We will be releasing a section of our site where our customers can be featured on our website, sometime soon!)

Not only has he gotten questions about both of these shirts, but so have I. they are head turners! And there's been a thought in the back of my mind for a while since I started the website. Ya know those affiliate programs that all those big fortune 500 companies have? Such as Amazon, Best Buy, Walmart etc. Well I am proud to announce the surprise. IronClad Apparel will have its own Affiliate Program. And if you are reading this in 2021, or even later. It may have already launched! Check that out here ---> AFFILIATE | IronClad Apparel ( As of November 23rd 2020, the details are still being ironed out but its being fast tracked.

There will be 2 different Affiliate Programs. One for artists and one, for our customers!

It takes careful thought, consideration, time and patience to make up the details of all this. So far there isn't much details, because its a lot of paperwork. But what I can tell you is that for artists, it can make you an extra buck on the side, however, there is or will be a rigorous screening process for art. For it to be posted on our site. We have high standards and not just anyone will be able to make it.

But for the customers, there are rewards, discounts and incentives. Business cards with specific QR codes, discount codes etc will be given out. There is no pressure to sell. But if anyone asks where you got the shirt, hand them a card. They will get a discount, and so will you (more details on that to come later, because there is a fine print).

There is many many more details that will have to be discussed because even on our end the small nitty gritty details haven't been ironed out. Nor even the bigger ones. But please, tell us what you think of our product, ideas, incentives, sales, anything! Message us, email us, leave a comment, post on our fb page! Thanks for reading and we look forward to seeing you soon!

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